Campaign Basics

What is this about?  How are we going to play?  What ..?  Who ..?  When ..?   Here are some of the answers, enough to get us all started.  I hope that everyone enjoys this campaign, so if you have questions or requests, by all means, tell me.  The Basics are after the page break.

WHAT DO I NEED? – You need the Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, plus the Deadlands Reloaded Player’s Handbook, plus the Pulp Gear Toolkit. If you bought SW through Steam, these are available for download on Steam. Otherwise, get them from Fantasy Grounds. If you don’t see them there, ask around. I got all my stuff via Steam, so I don’t know where to download them. Also, you can get digital versions to read through from

WHAT SHOULD I DO? – Look also at my blog called, “The Great Game”, url is: There you will find general information about the setting and locations of the Great Game.

WHAT THE BLAZES IS THIS?? – This setting is mostly Victorian Science Fiction, mixed with some Weird West and Pulp. Between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the start of World War I – real world history, very short I promise! – the major powers of Europe pretty well ran the world, with some competition from Imperial Japan. During that time, there were very few major wars, but a lot of what we call “brushfire” wars. The major powers were fighting to expand their “empires”, the various colonized people around the world were fighting them and each other. Think Indiana Jones meets Harry Flashman. Well, that’s what this is, without some of the reality. The players form teams of five PC’s, decide which Major Realm they’re fighting for, create PC’s (they’re permanent until killed and gain XP etc per the Savage Worlds rules), and the PC’s are given assignments from the Major Realm whose Side they’re on, which take them around the world to counter the actions of NPC’s who represent the Teams of other Major Realms … James Bond with teams, as you shouldn’t kill more locals than required by your mission. Your Team will be sent a message containing your orders, your destination, appropriate tickets, etc to get there, and the identity of a Local Agent who will assist you with local culture, religions, languages and customs. Protect him (or her) because you probably cannot get a replacement if you lose the one you have … and if you can, the new Local may well be a double agent or enemy sympathizer. You won’t know until you figure it out or … well, you know how that works, don’t you. Once your have completed your mission, the survivors will get rewards (in game terms) as well as loot, etc that you might pick up on your own.

HOW IS THIS GOING TO PLAY? – The Campaign plays out in a series of adventures and in each of these you have an immediate goal or objective to reach or accomplish. You won’t have to guess; it will be in your initial message. When you have succeeded in that one, you send a message (through your Local Agent) and received further instructions. That will start the next Chapter. So, you have three to five “adventures” that make up a “Chapter”. When you finish, your final report will be answered with a “Well done!” and orders to report to some nearby location to rest and recouperate. The next session will begin your second Chapter, with its first adventure. You may very well have to travel long distances … then again, maybe not. That depends on what your boss decides is required by the Realm for which he (or she) works. Each game session or meeting will at the very least start an adventure; possibly, your Team may finish one in each session. That depends on what your goal is, what you do, what your enemy – in the person of your GM, as usual! – does in reply and how the randomness falls out. After each session, each of you can write up a summary of the adventure, in character preferably, and post it on our Discord server under that tab. (Summaries) Wash, rinse and repeat until the Chapter is completed and your Team gets orders to rest and then move on to your next exotic location and deal with different but equally neferious enemies of your Empress … ah … King …. erm … Queen … oh, you know!!




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