Allies, Interests and Goals

A very rough and brief outline of the web of interests and contentions which create modern Europe’s political climate.  Each Team will have to choose one of the Great Realms to work for, so it helps to know who might help and who might oppose your missions.  As usual, after the page break.

Great Britain maintains its traditional strategic policies of (1)  opposing France on the Continent; (2) protecting it’s overseas Dependencies and the air and sea routes to and from them; (3) opposing Imperial Japan in the Pacific; (4) opposes Russia in Mid and Far East.  Allied with China to balance Japan’s sea and air power.
France opposes Britain on the Continent; (2) protects its Dependencies and the air and sea routes to and from; (3) opposes Germany on the Continent and Imperial Japan in the Pacific.
Prussia opposes France on the Continent; seeks to expand its Dependencies; allied with Italia vs. Austria-Hungary; seeks modus vivendi with Japan in the Pacific; opposes Britain in Atlantic and New World.  Still experiencing some internal “dissatisfaction” over the way their Empire was created, although the survival of Friedrich III and his liberal policies – well, he fired von Bismarck, didn’t he – may put out those smoldering fires.
Russia seeks to take India from Britain, via Afghanistan and subversion.  Allied with China against Japan.  Still smarting over Austria-Hungary’s victory in the Balkans.
Italia doesn’t seem to be particularly active, although the Duke of Sicily is President of the Council this year.
Austria-Hungary still looking for overseas empire, holding onto its Mediterranean ports and building ships.
Japan is the third – perhaps the second – naval and air power in the world.  It desires nothing more than to take over China and its Dependencies … except perhaps keep Russia away  … which is why they want China as a buffer.
China allied in the Far East with Britain against Japan ambitions, seeking other European Realms to ally or at least align with.

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