The Great Realms

There are eight Great Realms in this Earth.  The premier Realm is the United Kingdom.  The others are – in no particular order – the Royal Federation of France, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Prussian Confederation, the Italian States, Imperial Rus, the Celestial Kingdom of China and Imperial Japan.  A broad outline of each follows.

The United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Canada. As you might expect, the entirety of those named places are part of the U.K. Well, not entirely. Canada to use terms more familiar to the reader  consists of Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and the Maritime Provinces. All the rest of  Canada is Wilderness; territory which may or may not have any organized governments, but nothing there is recognized by the Realms as having any legal significance. So, one may choose to come from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, or Canada. The place-names in those parts of the Kingdom are entirely the same as you may be familiar with today. Of course, the Empire likewise includes other Dominions and Dependencies: South Africa, India (which includes Burma and the southern parts of the Malay Peninsula); Oceania, which is made up of settlements along the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, as well as Dependencies at Hong Kong and among other islands of the Pacific, New Guinea, in addition to Sumatra, Java, and a number of smaller islands of that region. One should choose a place that one is familiar with, in real life, for the birthplace of one’s first Character. It keeps the difficulties to a minimum and makes role-play much much easier for all involved.

The Royal Federation of France, is another of the Western Realms. It is comprised of France, Spain, and the Low Countries. Its Territories and Dependencies include North Africa (both Morrocos, Libia and Cyrenacia), Indochina, bits of South America, notably Venezuela, Columbia, the Guiyanas, and a few islands in the Carribean Sea.

The Empire of Austro-Hungary is quite extensive but a bit scattered. Austria and Hungary – of course! – as well as the Balkans, Jugoslovia, Bulgaria, Romania, Czekea and Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, the Balderic Isles, Madera, the Greek Islands, inlcuding Cyprus, Rhodes and all those in the Aegean Sea. Having come quite late to the overseas colony races, the A-H Empire has really no colonial possessions in the Wilds of the world, but are said to be working toward a chance for the better in that regard.

The Prussian Confederation consists of all of the states and principalities of the old Holy Roman Empire – which someone once remarked was neither holy, nor Roman nor an empire – plus Poland west of the Nieman, some Dependencies in Western and Southwestern Africa, several island stations in the Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans, as well as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay in South America.

The Italian States are made up of – from north to south – the Duchies of Milan and Savoy, the Republic of Venice, the Duchy of Ferrera, the Commonwealth of Florence, the Papal States, and the Kingdom of Naples. Italia’s dependencies and territories are bits in Central Africa, and its Horn, Etheopia and those small emirates there, and a bit of Tanganyika.

Imperial Rus is European Russia, the eastern half of Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (all of the Tsarist holdings), as well as half or more of the old Ottoman Empire, exclusive of the major oil-producers of the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt. That is to say, Iraq, Iran, and the Holy Land to the Gaza are all parts of Imperial Rus. Outside of its continental possessions, it has Alaska and the Yukon, Yurtusk and Port Arthur. A sleeping giant, indeed! Imperial Rus has been one of The Great Game’s most passionate and vindictive players, never forgetting any aid nor forgiving any offense.

The Celestial Kingdom of the Ch’in – known to the West as China – is the first land power in Asia. It consists of China proper, with the exceptions of Shanghi and Hong Kong, plus the Mongolias, Formosa, the Philipines, Borneo, and bits of other islands in the South China Seas. Its Dependencies are Siam, Tibet, Laos, and two tiny predominently Muslim kingdoms on the southern side of the Himalayan Mountains. It has nearly no known navy, apart from river boats and coastal monitors of formidable power. There are rumors of a vast force of nemos, but no evidence of such an undersea navy has surfaced yet.

Imperial Japan is the Home Islands, the Aleutian Islands to the northeast, the Marshal Island Group, the Marianna group, Okinawa, and the Hawaiian chain. In addition, Japan has extensive but scattered possessions in the islands of the Central Pacific, to include Tahiti, Fiji, and Samoa. The Imperial Japanese Navy is a force to be reckoned with in the Pacific Ocean.

It is recommended that you choose as your character’s homeland a place you at least know a little about from real life, so it will be easier for you to role play.  A great deal of The Great Game is role-playing and it is strongly encouraged.  That is your introduction to the Great Realms.  Members of each Team should choose from the same Great Realm and its Dependencies.  Next bit of information is the web of alliances and tensions between and amongst the Great Realms.


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